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15 Jan

Mortgages and the Meaning of Life in Regina – Mortgage Professional Follow Up

Mortgage Information

Posted by: Randell Toporowski

When I was a kid I had a friend that hated brushing his teeth.  Every night before bed his Parents would struggle through the nightly ritual of having him scrub his molars, incisors and everything in between.  It caused stress and left the entire household in a state of agitation just when it was time for the opposite to occur.  His parents were trying to teach him the value of following through and benefit of this follow through was healthy gums and clean teeth.  One night I was at his house and as the evening progressed there was no tooth brushing before bed, no parent demands and no fuss.  Very Unusual!  Later I asked him why, what changed – had he conquered the parent-child hierarchy, was he now the king and could make decisions on his own; which included not brushing his teeth?  To my surprise he gave such a simple answer.  That night his mom had made brussel sprout casserole for supper.  How would it have been possible for his teeth to get dirty when the sprouts never touched his mouth.  NO FOLLOW UP NEEDED!

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) reported in their 2017 Mortgage Consumer Survey that Mortgage Brokers followed up with their clients 54% of the time after the mortgage transaction, where those customers using a Lender were contacted only 31% of the time after the mortgage transaction was complete.  Further to this, CMHC identified that mortgage clients using a mortgage broker sought more advice on interest rates, types of mortgages, financial difficulty strategies and what tools were available to manage their mortgage.

As your mortgage broker I believe that it is important to follow-up with my clients through the entire mortgage process, from pre-approval to home possession, and beyond.  I want to be available to make sure that the following processes are complete:

  • Were financial conditions removed on time?
  • Was the closing process at the Lawyers Office efficient, on time and complete?
  • Were there any unexpected costs?
  • Does the client need any support from a plumber, electrician or carpenter after the move?
  • Did the first mortgage payment process properly and was it the correct amount?

Hopefully ensuring that the clients enjoy the process of purchasing a new home.

Lenders are like my friend with the brussel sprout experience.  NO FOLLOW UP NEEDED!

Don’t be left unsupported through the entire mortgage experience, let me, a licensed mortgage professional, support you all the way!